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13, 1300 & 1800 Phonewords


Most businesses struggle to make their marketing work. There's more competition and more noise in the market place.

We understand how frustrating (and expensive) this can be, throwing good money after bad, trying to get heard.

This is why we created 1800 FIND US. When you get a phoneword, you unlock a fast, affordable way to cut through the marketing noise.

A Phoneword is proven to increase marketing effectiveness, increase customer retention and keep your brand top-of-mind!

It makes sense, if you saw these two numbers, which would you remember?

1300 356 9377  or 1300 Flowers

We make the process easy

1800 FIND US will step you through the process then help you decide the approach that’s right for your business.

We will look at whether you Phoneword should be applied to a single territory, multiple locations or perhaps Australia-wide.

You won’t need to change service providers either, 1800 FIND US make it easy for you to start benefiting from your new phone word fast!

1800 FIND US will take care of everything including routing calls to your fixed land line or your mobile phone. If you need more complex area based routing or a custom IVR menu we can do that to.

Find your ideal phoneword and get pricing within the hour

7 Phoneword Marketing Strategies

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