Business Benefits

Get your business moving with 13, 1300 & 1800 Phonewords

Be the brand that people talk about

Dominate your competitors

By adding a phoneword to every advertisement, marketing campaign and vehicle you’ll boost the rate of enquiry and lift the visibility of your brand in the marketplace.

You advertise to get results so why not promote your brand with a phoneword like 1300 “your Brand name”.

Dominate your competition by selecting a product-specific word like 1300 BARBEQUES (Barbeques Galore) or 1300 STORAGE (Storage King). By securing keywords that easily describe your service or product, customers are more likely to see you as the industry leader and call you first.

Make your marketing more effective

Marketing is such a big expense for businesses, why leave it to chance?

Imagine experiencing up to a 500% increase in sales. Phonewords can do this by delivering up to five times more customer calls than a normal phone number.

In one word you can tell customers who you are, what you do, and give them a direct line to you. The simplest marketing strategy is to advertise your phoneword on your vehicle. Drive it 25,000 kilometres per year and up to two million other vehicles will see your phoneword.

Be seen as an industry leader

Before they buy, customers are looking for things that indicate your brand is trusworthy.

A phoneword is a great way to separate you from brands using normal phone numbers.... or worse, mobile numbers!

You'll instantly elevate the perception of your brand when you start using your phoneword in your marketing.

Win more referrals

Referrals are critical to any businesses success. Why make it harder for people to refer you?

A Phone Word makes it so much easier for customers who love your business to pass your details on.

Keep your number, no hidden costs

A Phone Word simply redirects to your existing fixed line or mobile service. You don’t need any additional equipment or subscriptions.

Because you also keep your existing number, you don't need to change your vehicles, business cards, uniforms and marketing immediately. You can roll out your phoneword at a comfortable pace.

Get your phoneword today before your competitor does.

7 Phoneword Marketing Strategies

Dominate your competitors and get your phone ringing non-stop