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By adding a phoneword to every advertisement, marketing campaign and vehicle you’ll boost the rate of enquiry and lift the visibility of your brand in the marketplace.

You advertise to get results so why not promote your brand with a phoneword like 1300 “your Brand name”.

Dominate your competition by selecting a product-specific word like 1300 BARBEQUES (Barbeques Galore) or 1300 STORAGE (Storage King). By securing keywords that easily describe your service or product, customers are more likely to see you as the industry leader and call you first.


The phoneword that suits your business might also suit your competitor’s business. Being a limited opportunity, we suggest that you work briefly through the following:

Look at your existing marketing material for inspiration.

Isolate any keywords that define your business.

Consider words that might block your competition.

Is your BRAND or business name the best option for you.

There’s a risk that you will miss out on your preferred word if you don’t act quickly, so call or message the 1800 Find Us team today.