Greg – 1800 PERGOLA

“We have been using 1800 PERGOLA for over 10 years now and its been a great success. If more people can remember your phone number instantly, of course more people will call - it just makes sense.”

Joe – 1800 BELOKA

“We chose to use 1800 BELOKA on all our delivery vehicles and interstate transport trucks. Potential customers may only see one of our vans for a couple of seconds on the road but can remember 1800 BELOKA for days. Once they try our water I know they will remember it for a lifetime. Now we use it on our bottles as well, so when they finish they can easily order more.”

Mathew – 1800 TOW FIX 

“1800 Find Us have been great, when it came time to launch our branded phone word for our franchise they made it so easy, they built our custom IVR and routed all of our calls to our individual technicians and followed through with quick connection. Now we advertise with our 1800 TOW FIX phoneword and have the confidence our customers can quickly recall our phoneword when they need us.”

Steve – 1800 QMC GROUP

“1800 QMC GROUP is branded all over our company vehicles, clothing and project signage. Ultimately we seek to promote our works and the diversity of our business. However it has proved useful in quickly managing and centralising communication with the general public.”

Jamie – 1300 MY BATHROOM

“Being a trade/service business our vehicles are our mobile billboards, we put a lot of time, effort and money into branding our vehicles in a way that attracts the attention of our target market, we new that if we wanted to get actual calls from our vehicle signage and not just branding we needed to include a phoneword. 1800 FIND US provided us with a couple of options and we chose to secure 1300 MY BATHROOM - enquiries from our vehicle signage has already increased and we are now looking at ways to leverage the benefits of using 1300 MY BATHROOM in our social media posts, site signs and uniforms.”